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Digital TV Antenna Installation Sydney

Sydney Wide Antennas will come to your home or business in any suburb of Sydney. Our experienced and friendly technicians operate fully equipped vans. Because of this, they can usually be on site within a few hours, 7 days a week. We only install high-quality Australian made antennas, designed to withstand the extremes of Sydney’s weather. We can quickly install these antennas to ensure that you can watch all of your favourite Free-To-Air TV shows with crystal clear full HD picture and sound.

Replacement Digital Antennas from $99 plus on-site installation

This special offer is available for all Sydney residents that have an existing digital antenna connection. Our mobile technicians come to your residence to supply and install your brand new antenna. Before we leave we will ensure the work area is left clean and tidy. We will also dispose of your old antenna. Most importantly we make sure your new antenna is working perfectly and your TV has the best reception possible.
Our Aerial Installation service includes:

  1. Removal and recycling of your old tv antenna
  2. A Brand new Australian made high quality digital Full HD TV Antenna
  3. Full installation of the new antenna on-site in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Re-tuning of your TV to ensure crystal clear reception with all the available FreeView programs.
  5. A full 20 year warranty on your new antenna

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Highest Quality Digital TV Antennas

The Antenna’s we install are made by a quality Australian company, with over 40 years experience behind them. The quality, performance and durability in the often harsh Sydney’s climate cannot be beaten. We purchase these antennas in bulk quantities which allows us to offer a great product at such an affordable price. Please don’t pay more than you need to

Why Choose Sydney Wide Antennas?

With over 20 years of experience in antenna installation, we offer a reliable and honest service. Our experienced technicians can get to you no matter where you live. We offer same day service 7 days a week. Therefore you won’t need to wait long to have your reception sorted. We use only quality Australian made products that are guaranteed to work around all areas of Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in installing a new digital TV antenna?

One of our trained technicians will come to you and determine any current faults with your TV antenna system. This way we can provide you with a thorough and accurate free quote.

If you are happy to proceed with our quote, our fully licensed and experienced technicians will install one of the highest quality, Australian made TV antennas on offer in Australia.

The antenna will be installed at a location on your premises that will provide you the very best reception, whether that is using a chimney mount, gutter mount, wall mount, on your roof or on a mast up to 50 metres in length.

Depending on the strength and quality of the signal in your area, we may also be required to install a reception amplifier or ‘booster. 

How much does it cost to get an antenna installed?

There are hundreds of different types of antennae available, each of them offers a different function and can have varying levels of performance.

To determine the cost of installing a TV antenna, you need to know:

  • which antenna is going to best suit the location
  • what mount is required to fix the antenna to your roof
  • what other items may be required e.g. masthead amplifier, cable runs required, splitters, etc.

Because of these variables we recommend that you get one of our specialists out to inspect the premises. This way we can determine which antenna type you need, and discuss options for where and how the antenna should be installed, providing you with the most accurate quote possible. 

Can my new TV antenna be installed in a roof space?

Yes, but we only recommend doing so if you are located in a good reception area, close to a transmission tower.

However, we do highly recommend the use of external antennas due to a higher possibility of signal obstruction and interference when antenna is installed inside a roof cavity. Modern Digital antennas are quite compact and we always aim to position them towards the back of a roof, so they are less visible, ensuring that the value of your property is not impacted.

We understand your desire to keep antennas away from the street view, but we also need to make sure you are getting the best signal possible.Our aim is to work with you to find the best solution for your home and your needs. 

What Our Customers Say

“When I called Sydney Wide Antennas, I could not believe they would be sending someone over the same day! The technician was very pleasant and very efficient in doing his job. Not only that, he finished the job sooner than I thought it would take. Strongly recommend Sydney Wide Antennas any day to anybody. Keep up the good work!”

Cat P.

North Bondi

Robert was very prompt in answering my query about installing an extra TV point in my unit. Robert and his technician Daniel, were extremely helpful in attending to my request and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Sydney Wide Antennas.                                                                    

Joy Rochford


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