New TV and Foxtel Points Installation Sydney

You almost can’t get enough TV outlets at your home. We understand this and can help you install new TV (or  Foxtel) points in the new location. Wherever you need them.

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New TV Point Installations Sydney

We service Sydney and all suburbs – we can install New TV points, as many as you want, anywhere you want Sydney Wide Antennas is your TV outlet installation experts. When it comes to managing your TV antenna system and dealing with splitting the coaxial cables is always better to leave it to professionals. All the time we are called in to fix DIY  TV point install attempts where the person did not have the correct testing equipment or know-how to do the job properly. When you install extra TV points you want to know that your existing TV points are going to work just as good as before the job was started, if not better. Don’t risk it and call the expets.

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